My entire life I always thought the 13th floor was the floor you don't want to stay on. Not at these Texas hotels.

Most Haunted Places in Texas

So I love a good haunted place in Texas and some of my favorites are haunted hotels. However, two prestigious hotels here in Texas supposedly both have had tragedies happen on their fifth floor.

The Driskill Hotel (Austin)

A vary lavish hotel that several American presidents have stayed in on visits to Austin, Texas. However, the tales of the Driskill's fifth floor have left some guests terrified. The hotel originally opened in 1886, but the first supposed death happened just a year after the hotel opened. A young girl was chasing her ball when she fell down the grand staircase of the hotel to her death.

Driskill Staircase

Supposedly the most haunted area of the hotel is room 525. The reason for the haunted tales is two brides supposedly killed themselves in that specific room. The deaths happened twenty years apart, but have become a popular room for paranormal investigators to rent out for the night.

Check Out a Video of the Drisskill Hotel Below

Another Haunted Fifth Floor? Hotel Galvez (Galveston)

That's right, more terrors on the fifth floor of another Texas hotel. This one is over in Galveston. Supposedly the floor is haunted by a ghost nicknamed "The Lovelorn Lady". She supposedly committed suicide in her room after finding out her fiance had passed away. Guests say they hear footsteps running down empty halls and doors slamming throughout the night.

Check Out This Cleaning Lady's Story from the Fifth Floor

You can look up more on both of these hotels if you're interested. So remember, the fifth floor may not be the safest floor if you're someone that doesn't like ghosts. If you look up most haunted places in Texas, you can be sure these two hotels are on the list. Pretty crazy that most of the occurrences happen on the fifth floor.

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