Living in Texas, you'll see all kinds of critters roaming the roads and highways, but it is a bit unusual to see a kangaroo dodging traffic on a major highway.

It's very common in Texas to see deer, skunks, roadrunners, and other wildlife on the roads as we maneuver through the Lone Star State. Some of these animals unfortunately are hit and killed while others escape the brutal ending.

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Still, to see an exotic animal roaming the highways of Texas is a little strange.

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Where Was The Kangaroo Spotted?

Jacob Brown was cruising to work early one morning on I-40 in Amarillo, Texas when he saw one of these hoppy beasts making unsafe and illegal lane changes. He whipped his camera out as fast as he called and caught a glimpse of the Australian native.

Wow, that kangaroo didn't even signal or anything! Typical Texas driver.

All jokes aside, that's something you don't see every day in Texas. Imagine cruising to work and thinking about all the reports and meetings you have coming up when you see one of these jacked-up animals hopping along the highway. Would you give them the right away?

As it turned out, two kangaroos escaped from Rick Looby's Exotic Animal Farm near Amarillo. According to reports, one of the kangaroos was recaptured while the other was hit and killed.

The bitter-sweet story is a reminder of all of the animals that roam our roads in Texas, so always be vigilant when driving our roads and highways.

Speaking of exotic animals, did you know you could own one of these in the Lone Star State?

Exotic Animals Allowed as Pets in Texas

If you want an exotic animal as a pet the state of Texas has quite a few that are allowed under Texas law.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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