Technology in Texas continues to change our lives.

Whether we realize it or not, every day the digital world around us continues to grow at a massive rate. We've seen how quickly social media has been used by many, and buildings have been erected to help with that, such as the Meta building in Temple, Texas. So, there's a lot of potential in the state with these new areas.

Not only will technology help with connecting others, but it will assist in making sure we're safe and sound, and diagnosing medical issues with patients. It's safe to say, the future is bright for the state of Texas in regards to the technological world.

It seems certain cities in the Lone Star State are following suit, as three cities in Texas have been given distinctions for their following of technology.

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Texas Lands Three In Top Cities For Technological Growth


According to CW33, the data comes to us from Cloudwards. Cloudswards, to determine the top ten, using 17 different elements while examining 100 U.S cities. So you're probably wondering, who landed in the top ten from the Lone Star State? Well, let's get right to it shall we?

Coming in at number four was Plano. Landing at number seven was the capital of the state, Austin. Checking in at the 10th spot was none other than Frisco.

But more Texas cities were found in the top 25, with cities like Arlington, San Antonio, Garland, and Houston making an appearance. So to say the least, the Lone Star State looks ready to continue through the digital age with ease.

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