As I walked into work this morning a co-worker was in the break room planning out their numbers for tomorrows near record breaking Mega Millions lotto drawing.  It could become the biggest jackpot ever in the history of the Mega Millions multi-state jackpot, currently the jackpot is sitting at $363 million and a lucky East Texan could be walking away with life changing loot tonight!

The highest jackpot in the history of Mega Millions was back in 2007, when the jackpot was $390 million!  There were 2 winners in that lottery drawing that had to split the jackpot, one was from Georgia and the other from New Jersey.  It was just over a year ago when the second highest jackpot was recorded at $380 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot numbers are drawn twice a week at 10:12p on Tuesday and Friday, according to the Texas Lottery website, and you can buy tickets up until 9:45p.  As far as how this lotter works, you choose 5 numbers from a pool of 56 and then one number from a pool of 46 to win the jackpot.  Then there's the option to Megaply your numbers too.  Get complete details on how to do that on the Texas Lottery site.

So I predict the convenience stores might be a little more busy this afternoon as many East Texans go out and buy their tickets, so be prepared to wait a little longer.