There’s nothing quite like good old frontier justice. 

When you think about someone taking matters into their own hands when someone wrongs them, you probably expect guns to be involved. And in most cases – especially here in the Lone Star State – that is exactly the case. 

But today’s story isn’t like any other case of frontier justice I have encountered before. There are no guns, knives, swords, nunchucks, spears, ninja throwing stars, or anything that is designed to harm human beings.

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Instead, this story involves lawn equipment. 

A Houston yard worker was doing his thing when he noticed two carloads of thieves stealing equipment from his truck. He threw the weed whacker he was using at one of the cars as the thieves sped away, which caused one of the thieves to fall out of it. 

At that point, the worker attacked the thief with the weed whacker. A neighbor joined in to help restrain the thief, but he was able to get away when his accomplices returned to get him. Deputies later found the thief at the hospital. 

And that concludes one of the strangest incidents I have ever covered.

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