Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is an instantly recognizable face in the Greater Houston area because of his energetic, rapid-fire sales pitches. He's basically a Texas celebrity at this point!

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Mattress Mack is known for his love of Houston sports and high stakes betting. But,  in recent years he’s become even more well-known for opening his Gallery Furniture stores to people affected by disasters. After Hurricane Harvey flooded the city, Mattress Mack opened his stores for people who had been forced from their homes.

He did the same in 2019 when Tropical Storm Imelda hit. Again, during the 2021 Texas power, when people were freezing to death in their homes, Mack opened his stores for people to shelter in. Mattress Mack is such a Texas icon but recently, one of his commercials was the subject of backlash.

The ad in question had been posted on his social media but was taken down after many thought the ad promoted stereotypes associated with black culture and drug use. In the ad, which you can check out below, Mack is wearing a bandana and mixing what many think is "purple drank".  (Swipe to see the ad)

Speaking exclusively to Fox 26 Houston, Mattress Mack explained that he was just given a script, some Sprite and told to mix the Jolly Ranchers- not knowing that some would be upset over it!

Mattress Mack admits that he has "since learned" what "lean" is, and is terribly sorry for offending anybody.

I'm pretty sure he didn't know what any of it meant; all this man wanted to do was sell a little bit of furniture- as he said in his commercial; he's the plug and he's got the hookup!

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