McDonalds' in Texas and across the country are going old school with a new promotion designed to draw in customers and save them a few $$ too.

When Ray Kroc started running good ole' Mickey - Dees around 1954 or so, the menu looked a lot different than it does today. Things were a lot cheaper too.

Cheap being something that's kinda hard to find these days but McDonalds is taking a page from a decades old playbook to try and "MFCA" ... Make Food Cheap Again.

Back in 1954, Ray Kroc visited the first McDonalds in Cal-y and found a pretty simple, inexpensive menu. Hamburgers went for .15 cents, cheeseburgers were .19 cents and if you wanted fries with that, they'd run you another .10 cents.

Drinks were .10 cents, coffee was .05 cents and 'shakes were the most expensive item on the whole menu ... .20 cents. Pretty pricey, huh?

What Is McDonalds New Idea?

McDonalds is going to offer a $5 meal deal. What's so special about that? When you adjust the figures, McDonalds has sort of driven prices back to the 50's.

Well, according to the U.S. government's CPI inflation calculator, a dollar in 1954 had about the same buying power as $11.70 in 2024.

That means that your 39 cent meal in 1954 would work out to $4.56 today. Gosh, that's awfully close to $5, isn't it?  -

How smart is this new, "old" idea? Remember when Ronald and company tried adult Happy Meals? They were meant to spark feelings of nostalgia. This new meal idea may be nostalgic on their part but it seems like it's meant to spark feelings of value in us.

The idea sure sounded good to Burger King as they almost immediately announced their own $5 deal.

New Automated McDonalds in Ft Worth, Texas Gallery:

The fact is, this McDonalds is not "fully automated", they have a smaller staff working in the kitchen filling the orders, but the counter-person, all-to-often found with a bad attitude, has been eliminated in this dining concept. This new McDonalds is much smaller and has no seating for indoor dining. This is a take-out-only concept with all staff concentrating on getting the orders right. Will it work? We'll see.

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

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