Hear ye! Hear ye! A new HBO documentary series on who will be the next king of the Texas Renaissance fest has debuted at South By Southwest and it totally sounds like "Succession" but in Texas, and a renaissance fair.

Gio Bartlett via Unsplash
Gio Bartlett via Unsplash

Titled Ren Faire , the HBO docu-series will be in three parts and will follow George Coulam, the founder of the Texas Renaissance Festival, who is considered a legend since starting the fair in 1974, and his quest to find the next owner of the huge Texas Renaissance Festival. Coulam is also referred to as "The King" and in some articles, it's pointed out that the docu-series often refers to him as a "mad king" who is looking for his successor. Sounds like "Succession" and Coulam is Logan Roy, right?

The Texas Renaissance Festival happens every year in Todd Mission, Texas, and lasts for eight long weekends where many can gather for some good old 16th century fun!

HBO Docu-series on Texas Renaissance Fair
Rene Deanda via Unsplash

The docu-series sounds like a bit of crazy fun; before the screening, director Lance Oppenheim said:

To me, [this series is] about a lot of things, but it's really about power and the proximity to power and what that does to you.

The docu-series will also introduce the two men two men vying for the position of the next king of the Renaissance Festival: general manager Jeffrey Baldwin and Louie Migliaccio.

Who will be the next king? We'll have to find out how the quest goes when Ren Faire premieres on HBO- tentatively this summer.

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