According to the Houston Chronicle, 31-year-old Anthony Garay was arrested and charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child (his 9-year-old daughter) which is a first degree felony and one of the worst things I've ever heard.  Now, if this isn't disturbing enough this story takes an even far more twisted turn.

According to the affidavit - 'The incident was brought into question on May 16, when a teacher caught the victim searching for pornography on the school issued iPad.  When the teacher questioned why she was searching for pornography the victim stated:

She was searching for "what her dad does to her" at night

The teacher immediately contacted Child Protective Services, which led to an investigation and discovered molestation was occurring for at least a year between the victim and his other daughter. He is currently in jail on $75,000 bond and I hope they bury him under the jail.

As a father this breaks my heart. To read and report abuse to innocent children who should be sheltered and protected by those you trust.  I really hope that she gets the treatment and counseling for her family so they can heal.

“There is nothing more important than family!”  I hold that saying near my heart because I love my family.  I am a proud, single father of twin boys and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them.  I can remember when the Dr. first placed them in my arms I made them a promise that I would meet death head-on before I let any harm come to them.  I try my best every day to be a positive role model for them and to be the example of how a man is to conduct himself in today’s society. However, there are some fathers out there who doesn’t deserve the title.

If you know anybody that has been abused or if you have been abused sexually, please contact the Texas Abuse Hotline at 800-252-5400.

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