We have to be real with each other here, we're all getting more and more restless about having to deal with Daylight Savings Time. It's so annoying to have continually change the clocks and having to adjust our schedules to them. Conversations have always been held regarding if an indefinite time would be put into place.

Discussions have certainly ramped up in the past few years, and Texas was no stranger to them. But it seems an agreement has been reached regarding DST in the Lone Star State. Which, yes, should result in cheer heard around the state. But there is a little bit of catch here.

While the Texas House has agreed that clock changing should end, there is still a journey for it to become reality.

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The Road To A Standard Time

The Texas Tribune recently reported that a vote on House Bill 1422 was held. It advanced thanks to a 138-5 vote in favor of it. This just is one of the many steps that the bill must take.

Next up for the Bill? Its transition to the Texas Senate. If it passes there, it will end up on the desk of Governor Greg Abbott. The Governor even discussed his thoughts on the matter:

So it seems that almost everyone in the Texas Government is ready to switch to one time. However, the final hurdle? The United States Congress must give the final approval.

This may be the toughest part for the bill. The U.S Department Of Transportation allows states to not observe Daylight Savings Time, but Texas may not be allowed to stay on daylight savings time for the foreseeable future.

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