Whenever I fly, I always try to book with Southwest Airlines. In my experience, it has always been the most affordable and least annoying way to engage in air travel.

However, that was not the experience of many when Southwest experienced an epic meltdown during the 2022 holiday season. They were fined a whopping 140 million dollars for the snafu that left many families stranded for days- missing funerals, holiday gatherings, and even cancer treatments.

Southwest Airlines Temporarily Halts Flights In U.S. Due To Computer Glitch
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Southwest has since attempted to dust itself off and re-endear itself to customers, offering sales with low rates and the same inflight service I've always enjoyed. I flew with Southwest this past Christmas to see family, and I had no hiccups whatsoever.

Despite Southwest's efforts, they have lost a lot of money, and are making cuts to bandage their finchial bleeding. Southwest reported first-quarter losses of $231 million, citing a delay in getting new airplanes from Boeing and high labor costs as culprits.

To compensate, Southwest will no longer offer service to a Texas airport: the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Southwest will continue service in the smaller Houston Hobby Airport.

Additionally, Southwest will no longer offer service to Cozumel, Mexico; Syracuse, New York; and Bellingham, Washington. Hiring new employees will be slowed and current employees will be asked to take more time off. Southwest expects to end the year with 2000 fewer employees.

Will this negatively affect the famously friendly service of Southwest Airlines? I hope not, as I'm flying SWA again this Christmas.

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