A chilling discovery led to the arrest of 2 twisted Houston, Texas parents after their 1-month-old twin babies were tragically found dead in their crib.


Police were called after 21-year-old Fernando Vega discovered both of his twin girls were unresponsive. Vega left his daughters with his grandmother while he quickly took Angelina Belinda Calderon, the mother of the children, to work.

Houston Police Department
Houston Police Department

Vega said when he returned he noticed something was wrong. He called Calderon saying, “They are not waking up. They’re not doing nothing."

Vega and another family member began giving the girls CPR while emergency services were called.

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Both twin girls were pronounced dead shortly after first responders arrived. At first, nothing seemed suspicious at the scene, neither of the babies had any type of visible signs of trauma. However, their bodies were sent for an autopsy, which revealed a darker truth.

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The autopsy indicated that both twins suffered a massive amount of trauma in the short time they were alive. The heartbreaking x-ray results showed massive amounts of blunt force trauma to their little bodies including:

  • Fractured femur
  • Fractured ribs
  • Fractured clavicle
  • Frontal head fracture
  • Bruising on head, arms, and legs
  • Abrasions on chin, neck, and soles of feet
  • Contusions on back and flank
  • Laceration on lip

There were a mixture of new injuries and old ones, all in various stages of healing. 

The results continued to reveal tragic details about their short life that was hardly lived. Both children were found malnourished and dehydrated. Ultimately, their cause of death was due to multiple blunt force injuries.

Both parents were arrested and charged with 2 counts of injury to a child causing serious bodily harm.

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