We do things bigger here in Texas y'all!

According to a press release via the Dallas Morning News, Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, TX has received a 10 million dollar donation for a new "super" fountain.

Klyde Warren Park is a 5.2 acre deck park that was built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. The park officially opened in 2012 and is owned by the City of Dallas, but  privately operated and managed by the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

Nancy Best is a Klyde Warren Park board member and she, along with her husband, Randy, made the astounding 10 million dollar donation to the park. The fountain project is set to begin construction in the summer of 2021, and has a completion date of December 2021.

The fountain will be known as the Nancy Best Fountain and will be located at the Pearl Street entrance on the east side of the park. Three stainless steel "trees" will shoot jets of water up to 95 feet into the air. Below will be a shallow wading pool for children and adults, but the new space will also feature "splashless sideliners" for those who just want to watch.

Every evening the fountain will be lit with an array of colors that will synchronize with music, making the fountain truly interactive. Klyde Warren Park is free to visit, and hopes to "connect the community and enrich lives through free, active programming and educational opportunities in a pristine and safe, centrally-located, entertainment-rich green space where everyone is welcome."

Visiting the Klyde Warren Park website will give you a look at all the activities that happen there daily, plus the big events coming up. The park hosts ballets, orchestras, and big cultural events all the time.

What do you think? Should we have a park like this here in Central Texas? We're a fast-growing community, so why not?

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