In March 2015, Texas Windshields will start to look a little different. Thanks to State Bill 1350, you'll begin to see one sticker instead of two.

In May of last year, lawmakers decided to do away with the inspection sticker, but that doesn't mean that inspections are going away. Now when you get ready to register your car, you'll need to have it inspected not more than 90 days before registration is renewed.

Next year this could get a bit tricky, so the plan is to allow drivers with a valid inspection sticker to go ahead and renew their registration.

So, if your registration expires in June and your inspection tag expires in July, you will not have to get your car tested until prior to renewing in June 2016.

Texas DMV director Whitney Brewster says that eliminating the sticker will save the state of Texas about $2.1 million. She also mentioned that an aggressive public advertising campaign would be needed for awareness.

The Texas senate is expecting a bit of push back from constituents, “We’ll be right in session and I bet we get a lot of complaints,” said Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.

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