When you take a road trip in Texas, Buc-ee's is a must stop. Actually, for most, you plan that road trip around making a stop at a Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's can do no wrong. However, it seems that even the mighty Buc-ee couldn't escape the wrath of the Winter storm that consumed all of Texas.

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For most of Buc-ee's existence, the road trip stop was just in South Texas. One of those stops is in Texas City in Galveston County. As we've seen with this massive Winter storm, not even the sunny beaches of Galveston could escape the snow. With that came power outages and many residents without water.

The water issues caused one of the staples of Buc-ee's to be shut down, their ultra clean restrooms. Yes, the restrooms that are so clean you could eat in them had to be closed because there was no water according to ABC 13. This is the only convenience store that the bathrooms are an attraction.

Even if you couldn't use their glorious facilities, the bright side is that you could still pick up a bag of Beaver Nuggets or some beef jerky. You could still bring in your Buc-ee's cup and fill it with some sweet tea or a Diet Dr. Pepper.

On a personal note, I, like a majority of you, am done with Winter. I'm ready to face a tornado head on in the Spring then endure the wonderful sun and 97 degree days of Summer. Bring on Saturday so we can finally start melting this snow and get back to going outside.

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