Sometime last year in the middle of all the talk about the Paycheck Protection Program, there were posts circulating on social media telling folks to take some of their money and start an "LLC" and apply for loans and the PPP. Many on social media came out and let folks know that this type of activity was ILLEGAL but some folks went ahead anyway despite reports of people getting in trouble over it.

We now have one lady out of Houston who is facing big time charges over what authorities say, was a $3.7 Million scam.

According to KTRK ABC13, 37-year-old LaDonna Wiggins was indicted by the Justice Department with bank fraud, making a false statement to a bank and money laundering after Federal officials claim she spent the PPP money she received on homes and luxury items.

In a statement, the Justice Department alleges that Wiggins submitted two PPP loan applications and received more than $3.6 million then used the money to make personal purchases such as $725,000 for homes in Katy and Cypress, $78,000 for a 2020 Land Rover, a $63,000 purchase at Chanel, $46,000 at Neiman Marcus and $14,000 at Apple.

Wiggins attorney issues a statement proclaiming her innocence and added that Wiggins has made "repeated requests to sit down and discuss this matter with them."

Wiggins appeared before a U.S. Magistrate last week and plans to take the case to trial but if convicted, Wiggins faces up to 30 years in federal prison and a possible $1 million maximum fine.

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