Just in time for Valentine’s Day. A Houston woman is having a ‘Love Hangover’ sale after divorcing her husband of four years via CraigslistClick To Houston reports the ad created by Briana Barksdale had no idea it would gain this much attention.

The headline of the ad stated the following: “Divorce Garage Sale – Get him out of my life” while Barksdale described her 'worthless, cheating, abusing husband'. Now, the ad has been taken down, but social media has been going crazy sharing screen shots.

Below is a excerpt from the ad:

If you've EVER been completely screwed over by an ex, PLEASE come support my garage sale and help me get rid of this (expletive) so I can move on with my life.

You can even help me burn the pictures, and my wedding dress, if you like. There will be mimosas. And doughnuts. Because I'll be up early and life is stressful.

If you are wondering about her ex-husband, he is serving seven years probation and community service - their divorce was finalized on January 31.

The garage sale took place over the weekend and I am curious to see how the event turned out.

I wonder was she listening to R. Kelly "When A Woman's Fed Up" while planning this garage sale.

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