Look, don't judge me, you're probably just as lazy as I am.

I just found out that the winter storm we just endured was named "Winter Storm Lana" but I will forever brand it as "The Great Texas Blizzard of 2021". As a born and raised Southerner, snow days can induce two things in the South: Fun and Panic.

Fun for the kids and folks who don't get to see a lot of snow which leads to outdoor fun like sledding, snowball fights and snowman building which luckily, there was at least enough snow to partake in some fun.

Also, Panic because if you've been in Texas long enough, you know we are NEVER prepared for this kind of weather. The other 364 days of the year we won't see a flurry but for this one day, folks will rush stores to buy out a week's worth of food and toilet paper (for a storm that will last literally a few hours) while others will think that "black ice" is "fake news" and will slip and slide into ditches all over the roads.

For me, I saw it as an opportunity to not do a damn thing. Because this weekend was supposed to be the weekend I was going to start taking down the Christmas decorations at my home. But since the snow came, that plan got cancelled, besides, the family can enjoy the "White Christmas" they didn't get in December.

Do you still have your Christmas decorations up and if so, when do you plan to take them down?

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