For those planning on traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday… be prepared mentally for some headaches.

A strong storm system moving through the plains and upper Midwest is set to bring rain, snow and very strong winds to a number of the nation’s largest airports. The storm system is forecast to move over Chicago and Michigan Wednesday, which is of course the busiest travel day of the year.

Forecasts call for winds gusting over 45 miles per hour for much of the day Wednesday in these areas. Further north and west, some spots of the northern plains could see over a foot of snow.

Now while that storm system will leave a big path of impacts north of us here in East Texas, the ripple effect could be felt. As we all know a delay out of Chicago could mean a delay out of Dallas, Houston, Tyler or Longview.

It’s estimated that over 55 million people will be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, over 4 million by air.

On top of that, it looks like the flight home could be a headache as well. Another storm system Saturday into Sunday looks to again bring heavy rain, strong winds and heavy snow to parts of the U.S. While again this storm system will have its greatest impacts outside of East Texas, the trickle effect could make its way to the Lone Star state.

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