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Two very special and cute sisters got to throw the switch and light up Tyler's Christmas tree.

Despite the pandemic, the tradition continued in downtown Tyler last night where the newly selected Children's Miracle Network Child (in this case children) go to light up the city's Christmas tree. For the past couple of weeks the City Of Tyler Parks and Recreation staff members have been busy decorating the T.B. Butler Fountain Plaza with thousands of Christmas lights for the annual ceremony. This years' ceremony was scaled back due to the pandemic but was still witnessed by a select group of socially distanced participants.

Emma and Lily Bush had the honor of throwing the switch to light up the 20 foot tall Leyland Cypress tree that was harvested from Merkert Tree Farm in Beckville. You can enjoy the splendor and beauty of this tree for yourself anytime on the square in downtown Tyler.

Emma and Lily Bush are the Children's Miracle Network Miracle Children for 2021. These two little girls were born at just 28 week on Mother's Day 2018 weighing 2.6 and 2.9 pounds respectively. They fought for their lives in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Christus Mother Frances Hospital - Tyler. These tiny miracles had a rough road ahead of them while in the NICU and had to endure several different procedures. After spending 83 days in the NICU the girls finally got to go home with their parents, Ashley and Garrett.

The best news about their journey is that both Emma and Lily have thrived and miraculously have no residual health issues.

We will be introducing you to these miracle children and hearing more about their story during the annual Mix With Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon on Mix 93-1 in August 2021.

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