When you see orange and white stripes in Texas, you automatically think of Whataburger!  It seems as if we're writing about this Texas burger joint every week!  So, with that in mind here are our top 8 stories we liked from this year!

Before I get into this list I've got to tell you about my uncle who lives in the St. Louis area, see anytime he comes in town for a visit his first stop is at Whataburger! If he flies in, we have take him to the closest Whataburger to the airport or if he's driving in,well, he will show up at the house with his large orange and white stripped cup as proof that he's had his Whataburger fix BEFORE getting to us! Then of course on the way back home, he has to leave Texas with his orange and white cup and bag with a Whataburger and fries!

Now on to our look back at 2017 with our top 8 best stories that we have written about Whataburger.