Emily Maynard is the latest bachelorette for ABC's popular reality TV series.  Emily appeared on ABC's The Bachelor last season and ended up engaged to Brad Womack.  However, the engagement didn't last long, the couple split after the season's finale aired.  Emily will be returning to find true love again as The Bachelorette.

The show premieres tonight on ABC at 8:30p and features a couple of major changes.  One big change is the shows location, usually shot in Los Angeles, the show is being shot where Emily lives in Charlotte, North Carolina because she has a 6 year old daughter and didn't want to uproot her and move to LA for the show.  So just about everything is taking place in Charlotte this year.  This is the first time the show is featuring a single mom in the role of the bachelorette.

The show hasn't wrapped up filming yet, so it's not clear of she's found her true love just yet.

The question I have is, do you like to see the rejected or turned down contestants on the show return as the main player or would you like to see someone new in the role each year?