Here’s the most recent update involving Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated, highly mysterious The Batman. The film has been shut down for months due to coronavirus, and now it seems like production should resume around September. Except this time, The Batman won’t be shot on location in London, but rather on newly built sets. The news comes from Kris Tapley, the host of Netflix’s The Call Sheet podcast, who shared the update via Twitter on Monday:

After the first round of delays, The Batman was slated to be released in October 2021. But this change is most likely going to push it back. For one, those elaborate sets will take some time to be completed. On top of that, the crew had completed around 25 percent of filming before the pandemic hit, but that was in a different location. Unless there’s a workaround where they can blend the new sets with the previously-shot London scenes, they may have to backtrack.

When production first halted on the movie earlier this spring, many predicted that the break would only last for a couple of weeks, max. Then at the end of May, the U.K. announced its coronavirus filming guidelines, which should have allowed The Batman to resume production. But now it seems that building an isolated set is the safest and most effective way to keep the virus from spreading while filming in close quarters. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get to see some really innovative set designs from this. The Batman was never going to be a traditional superhero movie, and now it has another opportunity to define itself from the rest of the Batman franchise.

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