The heroes and villains of DC Comics have been a part of the movie world since 1943, when the very first Batman serial debuted on theater screens around the country. That means they have also been a part of the movie marketing world since then. And while the films based on DC Comics have sometimes been hit or miss (looking at you, Steel!), the posters inspired by those movies have been pretty consistently outstanding.

In honor of the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe, Black Adam, we have collected the 30 greatest DC Comics movie posters in history. You’ll find some Supermans, a whole bunch of Batmans, a couple Wonder Womans, and maybe even a Swamp Thing or two. Bear in mind: We’re ranking the posters, not the movies. Just because a movie might not be the best (looking at you, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace!) doesn’t mean it couldn’t have an attractive poster anyway.

With that in mind, let’s get to our picks for the best DC Comics posters ever...

The Best DC Comics Movie Posters Ever

These posters for DC films would look great on the wall of a home or a movie theater.
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