Let's face it: Even with an unlimited world of streaming choices, video games and the like at our disposal - we're running out of things to keep us from going stir crazy during our self-isolation time.  Sure, it would be great to go bowling, dancing, or even play freakin' bingo at this point - but we can't.  Not only are we staying away from each other to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus - it's the law.

Luckily, you can still do quite a few things, as long as you pay respect to the "no gathering in groups" rule.  A very inventive Louisiana neighborhood has figured out a way to get outdoors and play a game with their neighbors while still staying at least 6 feet away from each other.  It's called the "Bear Hunt."

You won't need a special license or a gun to hunt these bears, they're stuffed.  BRProud.com is reporting that several neighborhoods in Lafayette Parish are participating in the hunt, and their neighborhoods are safer and saner for it.  The game works like this: You place a teddy bear in one of the windows of your house facing the street, then you go on a walk with your family.

The goal is to be the person that spots the most bears on your walk.  You can compete with your family (or any one you are isolating with) or the entire neighborhood.  Users encourage new neighborhoods to create or use an existing Facebook group to keep score!

There you have it.  Exercise, social distancing, neighborhood unity, and family game night all rolled into one game!

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