They're known for their mischief, but sometimes its overboard!

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There are countless numbers of elves all around East Texas watching every move that every child makes so that they may report back to Santa each night and on Christmas Eve about whether or not they've been good or not. Don't you dare touch the elf either because if you do they'll lose their magical powers. Magical powers? Yep, those little guys have magical powers, so the story goes.

These little guys and gals usually show up about the time the Christmas tree arrives in the house and will hang out and be the watchful eye of the kids when the parents aren't around up through Christmas Eve. That time he (or she) meets up with Santa one more time to give the final report on the children and their behavior.

Each night while the children sleep, thousands of these elves head back to the North Pole to give a report and when they arrive back at their home to hide out and watch the next day, they've done something mischievous to the kitchen, living room, media room, garage or some other room. These elves pull all kinds of pranks by pulling all kinds of things out of cabinets and creating messes our of ordinary household items. Seeing pics of these elves in some homes, WOW, he's pretty creative, genius and mind blowing at what all he does and can do.

Although our elf has made his fair share of messes in our home, it's not near as bad as some that I've seen online! Here's what our elf did a few years back.

The Elf On A Shelf Can Be Mischievous

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