Perhaps you've heard of the Love Lock Bridge that famously existed in Paris, France before it was taken down due to the insane weight - roughly the weight of 20 elephants [CNN]! Someone in San Antonio wanted that idea to spread in Texas years back and for a while, it was a lonely looking lock on that bridge.

But recently the Love Lock Bridge over the River Walk has been catching on in Texas. Hopefully Alamo City will become the international city of love - because it's true, we love big here in the lone star state.

The tradition catching on according to starts by the Bexar County Courthouse Wedding Chapel. New couples and ones celebrating anniversaries inscribe their initials, dates and other sentimental tid-bits onto a lock and lock it to the bridge fence. They then toss the key into the water to signify love that lasts forever - and the lock stays intact.

Here's a map of the area where you can find the SA Love Lock Bridge.

And don't forget to share your adventure. A lot of people are using the hashtag #SAlovelockbridge.

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