We're all getting ready for Super Bowl LVII this Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. East Texas is certainly excited since we have two native East Texans playing in the game, Whitehouse, Texas native Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs and Groveton's Lane Johnson for the Eagles. But even with all the love shown to Patrick, there is just as much we'll call it "internet hate" for his wife and brother Jackson Mahomes. That "internet hate" was shown with Jackson's latest video.

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Jackson Mahomes Social Media Star

Jackson Mahomes hasn't had the best time being a social media star. He received A LOT of flack for a TikTok video a couple of years ago when he was on the sideline for the Washington Kansas City game and danced on the memorial for Washington player Sean Taylor. There was also a bit of a controversy when Jackson asked to endorse a company, they sent him product and then he didn't follow through with the endorsement.

In the latest bit of internet mockery, Jackson posted a video on Instagram showing him heading to Las Vegas to celebrate Super Bowl week with viewers asking if he's just taking advantage of his brother's fame and fortune.

He also posted the same video but with different music on TikTok:


Travel with me : Gameday
♬ Sure Thing (sped up) - Miguel

The comment section of both videos was filled with those who did not find this impressive at all:

jsxander - Look how I spend my brothers money like I earned it!

_sarrob - if "riding the coat tails" was a person

luvzlucy - Does he have a skill? Ive never seen or heard of him doing anything productive on his own.

boston1022 - You are not the star

JP Mayer - What position do you play?

J.T. - How does he make money? Or this is all because of his brother. Like is he really flexing when this isn't even him earning this???

Steve - Flexing a lot of bro’s money

Even with the "internet hate," Jackson did have some defenders of his video:

the_onerich2087 - I understand he didn’t earn it, but does that mean he can’t enjoy it?

mlkuker - What is wrong with some of you ? Stop with the get a job comments . He’s a human being and doesn’t need your negative comments. He’s not hurting you or impacting your life so leave it alone . Did you not see what happened this week ? Life is short let him live in peace and to those of you who need to critique from your couch you get a life !


Caron Aguirre - You’re great! Haters make you shine!!!

Brittany Gray - u do u Jackson, don't worry about what people say!!!

user6426994399599 - People who say mean things easily reveal how they feel about themselves. I hope you are having a great time!

Lamarió Kells - I’m not a fan, but no need to hate…if I was paid like him, best believe my bro is coming wit me

He'll Keep Doing His Thing

Love him or hate him, Jackson Mahomes will keep doing his thing no matter what a bunch of strangers on the internet say. The internet isn't a real place anyway so I don't think his feelings will get hurt AT ALL.

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