There is lots to love about my hometown of Lindale. The school system is great. There are plenty of great neighborhoods to live in. If you want some good country living, you can do that, too, in Lindale. One part of Lindale that has been receiving a lot of criticism, however, is the local post office. We talked briefly with one Lindale resident about those complaints.

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If you are on either of the Lindale community groups on Facebook, you will notice there are complaints about the Lindale Post Office at least once a week. It's either about mail being delivered to the wrong house, packages said to be delivered but are not or just a lack of caring about resident's concerns when they do go to the post office to talk about the issue they are having.

One complaint came to the SPEAK-UP LINDALE Facebook group from Lynn V. about her packages just simply being left on top of her mailbox by the road.

Speak-Up Lindale on Facebook
Speak-Up Lindale on Facebook

We can all agree that the post office's job has changed dramatically over the last 20 years or so. We've gone from a society that mailed letters or bills to one that can send a text or social media message to communicate to anyone or paying bills online. Our mail seems to be nothing more than ads and credit card offers nowadays, in other words, junk mail. Delivering packages is not exactly the foray of the post office. That doesn't excuse what happened here, though.

We reached out to Lynn V. via Facebook Messenger and asked her some questions in regards to this incident.

Why do you think there is such a problem at the Lindale Post Office?

I don’t know why, except the person who delivers mail is afraid of my driveway. She told me that. She won’t come to the house.

Have you contacted the Lindale Post Office about the issue? What was the response?

Post office knows about the driver. All they do is shrug their shoulders. I think they have someone delivering packages now. That person, if it’s a different person, is leaving packages at mailbox. Last packages were left in ant bed.

Have you had a package stolen because of it being left on your mailbox?

Don’t think any packages have been lost, yet.

Thank you to Lynn for answering our questions.

In the discussions of other incidents from the Lindale Post Office, there doesn't seem to be an answer as to why service is not up to par. I'm surprised that one of the postal workers hasn't commented on the posts as to why there is such an issue. Probably can't. Being a government entity doesn't make it easy to file a complaint, either, compared to a private company.

We'll continue to follow this saga and see if it improves.

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