I have been in Tyler, TX for a month now and I am coming to understand why Texas says the term “Everything is bigger in Texas!”  In my introductory blog I was talking about how during my sight-seeing to Tyler I stopped at Buc-ee’s and it was huge.  I have never seen anything like it and I heard it was getting even bigger.

According to ABC affiliate WFAA, the new Buc-ee’s in Katy, Texas is getting a new car wash. That's not the big news though.  The 255-foot-long car wash would become the longest in the world sitting right at I-10 at Cane Island Parkway.  My car better be spotless if I go through a 255-foot-long car wash!

Buc-ee’s general counsel Jeff Nadalo said

When we started looking at how long it really is, we said, 'You know, it may be the very longest one in the world, ‘and if that is the case, we’ve proven as such, that would be kind of neat.

The massive car wash will open in the fall next to the 56,000 square foot store which will have about 120 gas pumps.

Now if you’re wondering what is the biggest, longest, or largest carwash?  Keep on guessing, the International Car wash Association doesn't keep track of that information.  However, I found an article in the Wall Street Journal in Germany there is a car wash that is two stories and reportedly washes a half million vehicles a year.  Now that's a lot of cars.....

But maybe Texas will have the longest one. Makes sense, don't it?

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