Among the countless UFO sightings across the world, one stands out the most in Texas, and it occurred almost 70 years ago.

Let's take a look back at November 2nd of 1957 in Levelland, TX.

A harrowing encounter

According to legend taken from, Levelland PD received a call from two farmers late in the day. The men were recorded saying they saw a large flash of blue light near the road they were driving on. That's all well and good, but the main reason they called 911 was because just as the blue light passed over them, their car engine failed and shut off. It didn't turn back on until the object had long passed over them.

The farmers described the object as rocket-shaped, very loud, very hot, and was accompanied by a great rush of wind.

Shortly after this mysterious encounter, Levelland PD received yet another call from a driver who stopped his car when he noticed a large object blocking the road. His car also died around its presence and, after getting out to investigate, the mystery object took flight and left. His car was immediately able to turn on again after that.

This became such a common occurrence during that time that Levelland PD received a whopping 15 calls all regarding sightings of this unidentified flying object.

Government intervention

Project Blue Book, a retired government UFO investigation initiative in the U.S. Air Force, declared the object was merely a ball of lightning rarely seen during electrical storms.

Many disagree with this theory, as the area at the time experienced nothing more than light rain that day. Not to mention the fact that only 9 of the 15 witnesses were ever interviewed on the matter.

So what do you think? Could this small Texas town really have been chosen for alien visitation, or is it something easily explained by human science?

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