It's truly unbelievable the amount of rain that has been dumped upon south east Texas, the central gulf coast region along with the greater Houston metropolitan area since Hurricane Harvey slammed the Texas Gulf Coast late Friday night. Coming on shore as a category 4 hurricane, Harvey wasn't quick to go anywhere and parked itself over Victoria, Texas for a couple of days causing massive amounts of rain to fall from the skies over the Houston metro area. Some areas experienced rainfall as much as 35 to 40", and in some cases more, causing massive flash flooding and destroying thousands of homes and businesses.

National Weather Service. At one point the NWS sent out a Tweet stating,

With so much rain coming down on the region (and continues to come down), the National Weather Service could no longer accurately display the total amount of rain that has fallen upon the region, because an event like this has never happened.  So they had to revise and update the scale they use to measure and display rainfall across an area to give a better visual description of the amount of rain that fell during this storm.

Now instead of one color dominating the map due to the excessive amount of rainfall, the new scale allows for more coloring and better picture of just exactly how much rain fell during this natural disaster.

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