Conversation Hearts Win Valentines Day 2018 CandyStore.comSource:
My heart is candy broken! The original conversation hearts may not be available this Valentine's Day.

Regardless of how you feel about the Valentine's Day holiday, and its commercialism, candy hearts were the favorite in 2018, and they could be hard to find this year.

The original conversation hearts made by New England Confectionery Company won't be back, because the company has folded. While there are competitors out there that produce a similar product the original will be difficult to find on store shelves.

I did however find them on Amazon!

If you're still wanting the perennial Valentine's Day favorite, look for the competing brands, and on, I found several.

Personally, I'm happy with a good bottle of wine, a few decadent chocolate treats and home cooked meal. Dinner out at local restaurant is also a great choice. Remember, to make reservations. The candy hearts are cute and nostalgic, but not my personal pick for a Valentine's treat.

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