When you believe, magical things can happen aboard the Polar Express! The Polar Express rolls down the tracks of the Texas State Railroad and takes children and adults on a magical ride to the North Pole through the Piney Woods of East Texas as it departs the Palestine Depot. Just as in the movie, while on the journey to the frozen North Pole, riders are served hot chocolate and cookies by dancing chefs, they'll be singing songs from the movie soundtrack as Chris Van Allsburg's "The Polar Express" is being read over the PA system. Rolling down the narrow gauge tracks, the ride is filled with excitement and adventure of Christmas especially after arriving at the North Pole because riders are greeted by Santa and his dancing elves! As the train makes its way back to the Palestine Depot, Santa and his elves will give each child a very special gift and then join them in caroling as the train makes its way back to the station.

To book your trip aboard the Polar Express on the Texas State Railroad visit their website and remember it is said that only children and those who still believe can actually hear the bell ring!

It's also a gorgeous time to ride the train too, because of the fall colors!


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