When it comes to side orders there is no doubt that my number one go-to is french fries!

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I can remember as a kid when I was introduced to french fries, and ever since then, I have been hooked - especially when you add the following condiments like ketchup, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, or even mild sauce (it's a Chicago thing). It all just makes french fries taste a lot better.

Take Spruce

However, when it comes to a particular french fry they vary from state to state so Spruce, which is a company that produces CBD products, got trends from Google and wanted to see who has the most popular french fry and most popular french fry in each state.

Stephen Zacharias, Flickr

The absolute best french fry goes to non other than.....McDonald's as 16 states claim they have the best fries - which they do (biased opinion) - especially on French Fry Day which is on FRIDAYS.

Moving along, we have Burger King and Taco Bell (I'm shocked by that) who are tied in second place with six states and Taco Bell pulled their Nacho Fries from their menu, but maybe now they will reconsider bringing them back.

Where does the state of Texas come into play when it comes to our favorite french fry?  The answer shouldn't shock you as Whataburger is the lone favorite and if you add their spicy ketchup into the mix it will be pure heaven.

The Midwest seems torn between waffle fries or curly fries, but the South is certain that waffle fries are the best for them.

Nevertheless, which every way you like your fries or where you get them, we can all agree that french fries put us in our happy place.

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