Business Insider recently asked their readers to vote on the ugliest building in their respective states. There are some truly some hideous buildings from all over the country -- from far too quirky modern design, like an actual basket in Ohio (Longaberger Headquarters), to a dilapidated, gross old hovel in West Virginia (The Bank of Mullens Building). There are eyesores everywhere.

One type of ugly kept popping up over and over on the list. People hate buildings that look dated. Buildings without any type of classical grace or harmony are loathed, and San Antonio's Alamodome took first place in our giant state.

One Business Insider reader said, "it is deeply, inscrutably ugly, with four gigantic pillars hoisting up the domed roof and making the thing look like a dead armadillo."

That person isn't wrong:

General Views of the Alamodome
The Alamodome (Getty Images)

To me, it looks like a poorly conceived spider themed Transformer no child would love. Although the Alamodome has a rich history in Texas sports, it's dated, 1993 aesthetic is simply hideous.

via Google Street View
Citizens Tower in Lubbock, Texas (Google Street View)

San Antonio's The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts received a "dishonorable mention" on Business Insider's list.

Lubbock's own Citizens Tower could have easily made the list if more people knew about it. Thankfully, it's currently undergoing a major facelift that's sure to improve the beauty of Lubbock's downtown. And hopefully spare us from any future infamy.


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