The Wanted played shark bait recently, by swimming with fierce, ocean-dwelling creatures.

Never fear, fans of the adorbs boy band. They were in a very controlled environment, all scuba geared out and even took pictures of their, ahem, “deep sea” adventures. It’s not like they were on their own, lost in the ocean, circled by man-eaters! As if. They weren’t chasing the sun; they were chasing adventure.

Jay McGuiness tweeted about his shark capers, posting: “Didn’t bite me cause he could tell I was a vegetarian. #SharkWhisperer.” Oh if only survival of the fittest were that simple in the sea, Jay!

The band also posted another photo on its Facebook page, captioning the image with its typical cheeky British humor, writing: “You know, just your average day swimming around with sharks #TWSharkBait.”

Nothing about life as a member of the Wanted is average … ever! Whether they are swimming with the most feared predators in marine life, being featured in the fashion issue of Glamour or being chased by thousands of screaming girls aka fans, the Wanted are always doing something exciting and enviable. Not too shabby, boys. You done good.

However, if you are even a little bit scared of sharks, these photos will certainly make the baby fine hairs on your arms stand on end.


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