Texas is full of creepy history; some of the eeriest stories you'll hear have come from of our local hospitals. While others you CAN visit, some have become so scary, you can't visit them anymore...

NOTE: These places are private property so please NO trespassing at ANY of these locations

Which Texas hospitals have been known to be haunted?

The San Antonio State Hospital has been rumored to have ghosts making weird noises; like groans & screams. If you want to go here, you can't. Unless you have permission by someone, it's NOT open to the public as there as much security around the hospital.

Another haunted location that is NOT open to the public is the old Christus Hospital in Alice, Texas. It was used as a Halloween Haunted House until someone was injured one year. There have been reports of lights flickering, and call bells working even if they were unplugged.

Of course we can't forget about the story we mentioned before about the hospital in Dallas that captured what sounded like a ghost child laughing on video.

However there ARE places that you CAN go to in Texas; probably the most well known spot is the Yorktown Memorial Hospital. It has gained the attention of local news crews & even the Ghost Adventures tv show. The ghosts captured something they probably didn't expect to see: a shirtless Zak Bagans. I'm sure they didn't like that...

But there are more, many more you can find around the state of Texas...

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NOTE: While these places ARE open to the public, do NOT trespass onto any of these properties.

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