East Texas native Patrick Mahomes did not just spend his bye week in Dallas, TX watching some Mavericks basketball, he may have inadvertently revealed the source of his football super powers.

It's true. They're red and he wears them under his uniform, it's a pair of red underwear that his wife gifted him.

We can credit his former backup Chad Henne for spilling this tea when he was a guest on The Adam Schefter Podcast. And while I'm sure most guys can relate, it's more funny than it is dirty -- just as long as he washes them regularly as he claims.

And yes the All-Pro has confirmed it. This week he was a guest on the "ManningCast" broadcast of Monday Night Football, and when Eli asked him about the underwear rumor, he didn't even begin to deny it. Mahomes has worn the same red pair on game days for his entire career.

Speaking of underwear, did you know that Mahomes is a proud Whataburger franchisee? I'm sure by now most of us have heard the Mahomes is bringing What-a-size meals to the Midwest, but did you know he's part of a group that plans to bring 30 new locations to Missouri and beyond? Did you know that he already has SIX new locations built and running?

Yup, The plan is to bring 30 to Missouri and Kansas, with a heavy concentration in the Kansas City area. Read more here.

Patrick Mahomes First Home in Kansas City

This was the first property Patrick and Brittany purchased after moving to Kansas City as he began his career with the Chiefs.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes House After Super Bowl Win

After Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl with the Chiefs he upgraded his home.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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