Want to know the fastest way to get a diesel driver frustrated?

Pull your gasoline powered car up to a diesel pump when gas pumps are readily available.

This is not something I think about often. I drive a Toyota 4Runner and have for six years now. I’m in love with it, and when I go to fill it up with gas, I’m honestly not thinking about anyone else but myself.

At least I wasn’t, but after reading hundreds of comments back and forth in Tyler Rants, Rave and Recommendations, I’ll think twice about which pump I pull up to in the future.

As my vehicle is sitting pretty close to empty at the moment, I’ll soon be making a trip to fill it up and this time I’ll think twice before pulling up in front of a pump that offers both gas and diesel.



Several commenters had the same reaction that I did. It’s a new way to be self-aware. Now that you know to look out for this, you can. You can make the extra effort to be considerate to diesel drivers.

Others spouted off with comments like, ‘first come, first serve.’ While there is some truth to that thought, it is nice to be kind and thoughtful and move to a different pump if it is available.

I was definitely one of the lazy drivers mentioned who pulls up to the pumps on the edge to get in and out more easily. That’s often where the diesel combo pumps are placed, and despite one of my parents driving a diesel truck all of my life, I never gave any thought to the fact that I might be in someone’s way.

It’s a new lesson in self-awareness for me, and maybe for a few others, too.

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