Just as you are entitled to your opinion and beliefs, I am entitled to mine. My opinion, this whole "Let's Go Brandon" thing is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of and such a waste of time. Politics in general is such a waste of time. It's the number one reason for all the division in this country and anyone that yells at me about having to support one political party or the other has fallen hook, line and sinker for the ridiculousness of it all. Find something better to do with your time then making such a big deal about a suit behind a podium.

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Look, I'm no political expert and will never claim to be. I just see a waste of time arguing over a bunch of people that have been doing a job for thirty plus years but yet still have not gotten one positive thing done. Those politicians you put up on a pedestal do nothing but get on TV and yell and complain about how their side is right and the other side is wrong. It's childish and just further proves how much of an embarrassment our government is.

I thought the purpose of having two parties was to come to the table with differing opinions and compromise to find the best possible solution to a problem. Why is this such a hard thing to accomplish? Your side IS NOT 100% right. But your side IS ALSO NOT 100% wrong. All that is happening right now is just trying to prove who is right. Our country is losing because of it. Not because of being a Republican. Not because of being a Democrat. But by being so stubborn believing your way is right. It's not and it's unproductive to believe that you are.

You know what I do when I see your windshield sticker or flag supporting your side, I roll my eyes and feel sorry for you. I just learned the other day what this whole "Let's Go Brandon" thing is. Just stop. If you don't like whose in office, go vote. It's as simple as that. Let your vote be your protest or support and move on. I don't need to see your stupid marquee, your dumb looking shirt or your out of date sticker supporting your candidate. Vote and move on, it's what I do.

I feel sorry that you base your life on a political view. Life IS NOT politics. What is your first response when someone does something you don't agree with? "Oh, they must be a Democrat." "Oh, they must be a Republican." That's sad. Really sad.

Stop looking at life like everyone is running for office. Your fake anger will go away, your constant headache will go away, your life will be so much easier. At some point in time we sadly turned from a people that had a semblance of self discipline and common sense to a people where we just decided Washington D.C. can take care of our problems. That IS, WAS and ALWAYS will be a mistake. Those people in Washington D.C. don't work for us. They are working for themselves. Why do you think those that have been in office for 30 plus years haven't gotten a single positive thing accomplished?

Now you're asking, "Do I vote?" Yes I do. I try my best to research anyone that wants a seat in government. I try to find the person that will actually work because of MY vote, not FOR my vote. There is a difference. So no, I don't affiliate myself with either party.

I don't find politics enjoyable. I don't find participating in a rally accomplishes anything. I don't find you yelling at me about your political views appealing in any way. So please, turn off the news and social media memes and actually learn that leaning on political views is no way to live your life.

Now that I'm done ruffling feathers and raising eyebrows, let's look at something that is actually positive and actually worth our time...

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