The NFL season kicks off September 7 and while many of us will be cheering for our favorite teams or players, the folks at and were curious what player is the most favored by state.

Out of the top 100 players out of the NFL, they looked at which player was Googled the most in each state. Now as I look at this map I see a few no-brainers and even maybe a couple surprises, but let’s see how accurate this map is when it comes to Texas' favorite NFL player.

Wisconsin’s favorite player is Aaron Rogers from the Packers (duh), Julio Jones in Georgia, a surprising name in Illinois is Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald (what!? No Chicago Bears player made the cut). However, when it comes to the Lone Star State I wonder which NFL star is the favorite among us Texans?

Drum Roll please.......



Keep Scrolling!




Dallas Cowboys' running back #21: Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins
Getty Images

To further prove the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team”, outside of Ezekiel Elliott there were six additional most googled players including QB Dak Prescott, tackle Tyron Smith, guard Zach Martin, of course WR Dez Bryant, linebacker Sean Lee, and center Travis Frederick.

Now all we have to do is wait for Zeke to serve his suspension...

Did your favorite player make the list?  I know mine didn't in Chicago - somebody's got some serious explaining to do. Nevertheless, if you know a player that deserves an honorable mention feel free to give them a shout out.  See you guys in a few weeks for kickoff.

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