We all know that Texas is a big, beautiful state but just like all areas of the country. There can be some areas of Texas that are less than flattering. But really it all depends on what you believe is beautiful. If you’ve lived in a mountainous area your whole life you might think flat lands are stunning, because it’s something different. Which is why I want to see if you agree with a new article that was released discussing the ugliest town in Texas. 

Remember this article was released by A Lot Travel, I didn’t come up with this because I truly would have picked somewhere else. But they decided that the ugliest town in Texas was none other than El Paso. Obviously, everyone is going to have a different opinion but the reason why they said El Paso is the ugliest is a weak argument. 

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Why Was El Paso Named the Ugliest Town in Texas? 

According to the article the town of El Paso was named the ugliest because there is “too many browns and other neutral earth tones.” The other comments continued that same thought saying there are lots of brown buildings around town and essentially not enough color. 

Is That the Only Problem With El Paso? 

If the only argument is that the town doesn’t have enough colorful buildings, I feel like that is a horrible reason to call it the ugliest town in Texas. But it’s the internet and people are allowed to write whatever they want to. But what do you think? Do you believe that El Paso truly is the ugliest town in Texas, let us know in the comment section.  

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