Looking for a cute place to grab a cup of coffee? I’ve found three new spots that you’re likely to fall in love with.

Tyler is home to a variety of coffee shops, many of them chains, but several great local spots as well. Three new shops have recently popped up, and are on my radar for future coffee dates with girl friends.

First on my list to check out is Big Shot Coffee House in Gresham. My friend, Ashley Fisher, recommended it to me recently and it’s likely where she and I will next congregate to discuss future dreams and plans. She shared with me that it’s run by Lydia Baskin and that she’s loads of experience in the coffee industry before deciding to open her own shop along Old Jacksonville Hwy. Their location is small, but it’s got a cute exterior and looks like a great spot to sip coffee and trade stories.

Next up is The Coco Bean, located on Crosswater Ave and Legacy Trails in South Tyler. It’s not only a place to grab a cup of coffee, but a salon, boutique and they rent bikes to take along the trail located out their back door. They are tucked out of the way and not easily found, which is great for those who are looking for a quiet place to read or study while enjoying coffee or juice.

Finally, in Downtown Tyler there is a new coffee shop with a purpose. This one is called Shine. It’s not only a coffee shop, but also a non-profit working to improve the lives of single moms. They have coffee, an ongoing art installation to explore and places to snap memories with your friends when you visit.

As much as I love a quick drive through cup of coffee sometimes, these are three places I’d like to sit and experience for awhile.

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