Every year at about this time I always think about the classic Chris Rock comedy bit about Dads and our attitudes towards Fathers in America.

Father's Day is this weekend and Chris assessment is super accurate. We tend to take Dad for granted and its understandable, most of us don't ask for nor seek much, just doing what's best for our families is more than enough.

Chris is right about one thing though, Momma gets all the love while Dad just gets "the big piece of chicken". That applies in a lot of areas including gifts. While we will go all out to make sure Mom has an incredible Mother's Day, Dad is usually put to WORK on his big day.

That's why I'm writing this article to show you what Dad DOESN'T WANT for Father's Day but he's probably not going to tell you these things so I will.

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    Another Tie

    Ties. We get it, you can't think of nothing else so get him a tie for work or church right? Your Dad doesn't need another tie and you know it. Instead, get him an ENTIRE SUIT with a TIE.

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    Go into any store this week and you will see TOOLS and hardware marked as "Great Father's Day Gifts". Why do all our gifts have to be centered around WORK? This is like me buying you a Vaccum Cleaner or dishwasher for Mother's Day....don't like that huh?

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    He Doesn't Want To Grill

    Another thing I'm calling out that needs to stop, MAKING US COOK FOR FATHER'S DAY! We cook or take Mom out for Mother's Day but on our day, we're expected to grill or make our own meals, NO MORE I SAY! Take your Father's Day back gentleman and demand rest, relaxation and the right to be "pampered" like the ladies do on Mother's Day.