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A holiday tradition continues in East Texas and it all begins with that special golden ticket! The golden ticket that will take your kids (and you) on a magical train ride to the North Pole aboard The Polar Express on the Texas State Railroad!

It is one of the most beloved Christmas stories and movies and it will be playing out in real life along the tracks of the Texas State Railroad creating some awesome memories for you as you ride the rails as the story of 'The Polar Express' is being read. This is an interactive experience for the whole family with hundreds of kids dressed in their Christmas pajamas, sipping hot chocolate, snacking on sugar cookies and waiting to see Santa at the North Pole.

Years ago when my daughter was younger we took her on The Polar Express and had a blast. She was dressed in her Christmas pajamas and ready for the whole experience. Once the train departed the Palestine Depot, the Coco Chefs were entertaining us with the reading of the classic story and serving up hot chocolate as we made our way to the North Pole.

Upon arriving at the North Pole, my daughter had the opportunity to meet the elves and Santa himself, where she received her first Christmas gift of the season, a silver sleigh bell! From there it was a trip back to the depot while singing even more Christmas songs and having a great time with the other Polar Express passengers. The excursion created some great family memories that are with us still today.

This popular East Texas holiday tradition sells out quite often, so don't miss your chance to head to the North Pole. The Texas State Railroad is now booking trips to the North Pole aboard The Polar Express. Trains depart the Palestine depot weekends and certain weekdays beginning Friday, November 19th and continuing through Sunday, December 26th. There are several different options to choose from when booking the perfect seat for you and your family; there's the sky-high Dome Class, two Presidential Class cars, First Class and Coach Class. When I was writing this, it appears as if tickets are moving quickly already. Several Presidential and dome class departures are already sold out. Don't miss out on this trip to the North Pole aboard The Polar Express and create some special memories for your family this Christmas.

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