As I mentioned earlier today, it's the time of year when the fall colors make for some great photo opps! We took the kids to a pumpkin patch last weekend and snapped a couple of good pics.

This photo turned out great, but what you don't see is the moment before and the moment after the picture was snapped. This is just that one, tiny split second of success where everything worked out. As any parent can guess, there was near-disaster before and after!

Prior to this picture being taken of little Piper (she'll be 1 year old on November 3), her two older sisters nearly knocked her flat as they all tried to sit on that big pumpkin to the left. Once one kid thinks it's the perfect pumpkin, they all want to sit on it and chaos ensues. Then immediately after the pic was snapped, Piper fell face-first into the other pumpkin and ended up giving it a big bear hug. Thankfully, the stem missed that purrddy face. We got the pic! And this is what everyone will enjoy on Facebook.

A great East Texas pumpkin patch to check out this fall is Moore farms in Bullard. They're open weekends through Halloween and they can do school field trips too.

Another good one is Calie's Acre north of Longview. They're open daily with pumpkins, hay bales, scarecrows and more.

Grab the camera and head on out! We'll watch for your pics on Facebook.

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