Tina Fey is no stranger to award shows — she's got eight Emmys and two Golden Globes to her name — but, to put it lightly, she wasn't a huge fan of Sunday night's (February 28) Academy Awards.

In an interview with Howard Stern uploaded to SoundCloud yesterday (March 1), Fey said she felt patronized by the many proselytizing sentiments delivered by the show's stars.

"I'm so glad I live here [in New York City], because halfway through [the Oscars], I was like, ‘This is some real Hollywood bulls---.’" she said. "'Everyone's telling me what to do. People are yelling at me about rape and corporate greed but really it's climate change. I was like, ‘Guys, pick a lane. Like we're going to fix everything tonight.’ And also like, ‘You're all rich. Why are you yelling at me about corporate greed?'"

Those critiques considered, Fey still said she was a fan of speeches offered by Chris Rock and Leonardo DiCaprio, who managed to deliver articulate points about race and climate change, respectively, in an anomalously eloquent way.

"I always am psyched when someone's articulate about those things, because let's face it: actors are very stupid," she said of DiCaprio, who won his very first award at the show. "But he's so smart and his speech was so cogent."

Listen to the interview clip below — and hear more from Fey's interview here, including her experiences across the after-party circuit.

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