I'm one of the fortunate ones that was taught early in life that nothing comes easy. But I feel like that same lesson needs to continue to be taught to younger generations. Obviously, with the Olympics going on and the incredibly talented Simone Biles brought on this conversation with a coworker of mine. We both agreed that changing rules to make things easier for those who might not be as talented, doesn't help any situation.

For those who haven't been paying attention to the Olympics, Simone Biles has dominated most gymnastics competitions for the past eight years. She hasn't lost a major competition since 2013. She is so much better than her competition that they cannot physically do all of the things that she can.

Being Underscored Due to God Given Talent

Olympic judges have underscored this amazing athlete because they want the competitions to be closer, and to not discourages others that cannot complete all of the same elements in their routine. Which in my opinion gives the wrong message to kids looking up to the star athlete.

We Should Be Cheering On Her Dominance

We are lucky enough to be alive and watch one of the best Olympians in history. Her scores should not decrease to help others feel better. If they want to work as hard as she does then they will receive a score similar to hers. It's important to teach kids that working hard is the only way to accomplish things in life. Nothing is handed to you. Which is the opposite of what these Olympic judges are showing with their actions.

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