I'm gonna guess that about 93 percent of you reading this article make stopping at Buc-ee's a priority on any road trip. I'm gonna also guess that about 30 percent of you who live in East Texas will make a special trip to Terrell just to stop at Buc-ee's. I would be one of those 30 percent. Buc-ee's has a lot to love, restrooms you can dine in, a pretty good chopped brisket sandwich and, of course, Beaver Nuggets, those fried corn puffs built for a sugar high. So its no surprise that Beaver Nuggets topped the list of Texas' favorite snack in a recent list.

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Favorites Differ for Each State

Each state in our union has its own favorites. That could be for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just a simple snack to tide us over between those meals. Recently, foodandwine.com decided to find the favorite snack of every state. It's actually a really cool list to read because it gives a nice feel of what every state loves to indulge in.

Favorites in Other States

For instance, Utah loves Dirty Sodas. What are Dirty Sodas? Well, it's Dr Pepper mixed with English toffee syrup and Half and Half creamer. Actually sounds kinda interesting. For Illinois folks, they love Frango Mints, a chocolate mint meltaway. Idahoians love their Spud Bars, these are dark chocolate covered marshmallows topped with coconut. North Dakota residents have a love affair with chocolate covered potato chips. That combination of salty and sweet sounds really good.

No Surprise in Texas Favorite

For us Texans, we have a love for barbecue, Dr Pepper and Beaver Nuggets. Yes, those fried corn nuggets are Texas' favorite snack in this foodandwine.com list. To be honest, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Any time the sugary snack is brought up, pretty much everyone gets a smile on their face thinking about snacking on a bag.

The most iconic, quite easily, has to be the deliciously evil Beaver Nuggets... ...Not for the faint-of-teeth. - foodandwine.com

All this Beaver Nugget talk has me wanting to take a quick road trip with my girlfriend to Terrell to pick up a bag, add another t-shirt to the collection and, of course, a brisket sandwich or 10. Fingers crossed we get a Buc-ee's closer to East Texas in the near future.

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